Other areas can be hosts

SUMMERSTRAND again welcomes the Ironmen. The lawns, so carefully maintained by the parks department, have had steel being erected on them for three weeks prior to the great day, Marine Drive has been bridged and now the lawns are being fenced to reserve the main road and the Blue Flag beach solely for the athletes.

Summerstrand has given its all for the Ironman. It is not right that Summerstrand alone should every year have the pleasure of the music, the early Sunday wake-up, the joyful crowds and the fixed day at home.

Surely it is now Humewood’s turn to use its newly improved and better facilities – its larger Kings Beach, its vast level areas of tarmac, its superior access from every direction – for the residents’ own enjoyment, the honour of the city and to thank the ratepayers who have spent so much on Kings Beach amenities.

J D Collier, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth