Insurance advert offensive

I FULLY agree with Thono Ranthloa and Nhlanhla Moloi that the insurance company ad is both sexist and offensive (“Women win battle of safe drivers ad”, March 27). I change the TV channel whenever that ad is aired because it offends me so much that I get disturbed by it every time.

I tell my wife about how much I am disgusted by it and she just laughs at me and tells me that it is the truth. Many (if not all) men that I’ve come across and discussed this ad with also feel the same disturbing ridicule that I do.

It is unfair to depict men as being unsafe. What message does it pass to people of the other gender? That all men cannot be trusted?

I am an honest and law-abiding citizen of this beautiful country. Labelling and making money out of ridiculing men disgusts me big time. SABC, stop airing this sexist ad please. Something else that bothers me is the “take a girl child to work” day. Why is it that the boy child is neglected?

When are we going to stop rolling out segregation of our children and just have a “take a child to work” day? I feel the male child is now being pushed aside, making way for the girl child.

How is this going to help humanity? How is it going to help the country? Is it going to help us to make the boy child feel inferior and useless? We are sending a wrong message to our children. Let everyone be treated the same, because the goal should be a positive move in shaping all children’s minds for a successful and humane South Africa.

Luvuyo Vena, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth