Promised classrooms still not built

GRASLAAGTE Primary School in Humansdorp has a total of 1570 pupils. In the Grade 4 classes there are more than 60 pupils per class.

These overcrowded classes pose a serious health and safety risk to children and teachers. The reason for the big classes is that the school has a shortage of classrooms.

What concerns is the fact that five classrooms were supposed to be built during the last term of last year.

Apparently money was paid to the contractor. Until today no brick has been laid to build these classrooms.

How is this possible? The school has requested an investigation into this matter.

Our children struggle to get quality education, because the school also has a shortage of teachers. The school qualifies for five vacant posts, but we are not able to appoint these teachers.

A Koester, school governing body member, Graslaagte Primary School, Humansdorp