Are firms allowed to dump in the lake?

IT has come to our attention that factories in the area may discharge any unwanted waste in the North End Lake. When concerned citizens report and question this, some learned people have tried to inform them that the lake is indeed a reservoir into the storm water system and not designed for recreation.

People ski, boat, kayak, swim, fish and try to enjoy the iconic stadium environment. Can we get some clarity on what is legally permitted to be dumped into storm water systems?

Further, if the fact that people use the lake for recreation is shunned by the learned officials maybe it would be wise to have numerous signs to that fact to warn potential people of possible contamination. The dumped substance in the image, left, was defined as "rust".

One wonders what it really was? I would not be too keen on eating fish out of this lake, would you?

Rego Burger, Port Elizabeth