Corruption takes control in metro

JUST as in the movie, Lord of the Rings, where humanity, elves and the dwarfs joined hands in the battle at Mordor against the Evil Lord and his army, this is the way I see the battle between "good and evil" in the now third world Hollywood, known as Nelson Mandela Bay.

What a pity this very same location where battle rages is called after the respected name of a loved and respected world icon and freedom fighter named Nelson Mandela.

He is a man who has every right to deserve a place in global history books, having fought not only for black human rights, but in essence for human rights in their totality against global oppression.

The illustration of a battle is even more visible within the ranks of the ruling party, hence the ever visible division in the ANC. It has become so more evident that this battle is no longer one of politicians versus politicians, irrespective of the party political affiliations, but one that clearly rages between individuals, which fall in the moral categories of "good versus evil".

This battle rages due to the fact that the moral compass of humanity has been corrupted. Is this what modern political society is all about?

Is this what previously oppressed people have voted for? Did they vote for politicians who do not follow the compass of morality and only align themselves with them due to empty promises, which will never materialise and as a consequence will never change the quality of their and their children's lives.

This is how I see the battle raging in South Africa, but even more so in a city, the name of which is derived from a world icon, who in my view can only be labeled as one who has promoted morality.

I call on every South African citizen and every individual, especially in Nelson Mandela Bay, to follow the example of "the" world icon, follow the moral compass of Mandela who continuously battled the onslaught of immorality and corruption. I urge all South Africans, irrespective of social standing and with emphasis to Nelson Mandela Bay residents, to expose fraud and corruption, and as a consequence expose the evil that prevails in this city, the evil that robs and deprives ordinary citizens of a better South Africa, the evil that robs and deprives Nelson Mandela Bay residents of a better tomorrow.

The question that comes to mind is: where is the moral compass of Nelson Mandela Bay, a compass that does not only gauge so-called service delivery based on the squandering of hard earned taxpayers' money, but also a compass that directs moral values and discipline? From my experience in Nelson Mandela Bay especially, I find very little if any evidence that morality and sound discipline exists, hence continued strikes.

These impair the constitutional obligation to render services to the community that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is supposed to serve. Not only are such strikes continuously entertained by ill disciplined staff, we are now facing a new "moral value", one that allows and condones corrupt practices by individuals in all spheres associated with the very same governmental institution.

The "new moral value", as it is referred to now, often exercised and lived by such individuals, is also the cause for continued personal attacks and criticism against those who are deemed to conduct their mandate to expose fraud and corruption in terms of legislated provisions contained in the Municipal Finance Management Act. It is the transgressors of the law and the supporters of this "new moral value" who continuously excuse their actions on the basis that they are being victimised in lieu of alleged political or personal agendas by individuals who are the custodians of so-called "good governance".

Without attempting to single out specific transgressors of the law, which have been referenced in the media of late, the appropriate disciplinary and criminal processes are the only medium to defend allegations of impropriety. This is the platform where allegations will be tabled by means of charge sheets, allegations made and proven to promote the ends and remedies of justice.

The time has come to challenge the corrupt official or politician who has no moral backbone. The time has come for all members of society to fight the oppression of corrupt politicians and civil servants.

The time has come to follow the true moral compass. The answer does not lie in power hungry political office bearers who merely want your vote in exchange for deceitful empty promises, irrespective of what colour T-shirt they offer you in exchange for your soul.

When you cast your vote again, cast it for the party that enshrines and lives the values of a true moral compass.

Name supplied, Port Elizabeth