Put up barrier wall to stop accidents in Target Kloof

IT is not difficult to despair over the state of our beloved city – what used to be the best kept secret in South Africa is fast deteriorating into the ghost on the coast.

Common sense is in short supply and one of the areas where this situation is blatantly obvious is Target Kloof in Walmer.

Our municipality has done a magnificent job of upgrading the beachfront, which must have cost the ratepayers millions, and serves a fairly small percentage of the population. Target Kloof, on the other hand, is a death trap waiting to claim its next victim.

The very busy road was not designed to handle the volume of traffic that passes through Walmer daily and the speed bumps do little to slow down speeding vehicles.

On the S-bend in Humewood, a concrete barrier wall was built to help prevent accidents which were a weekly occurrence.

It has been an outstanding success and accidents are now down to a handful a year.

If a similar barrier could be built in Target Kloof, it would surely have the same effect of reducing the accident rate, and preventing damage to public and private property.

If the lights were removed from the middle of the road and placed on the pavements, the road would also be a safer place to drive at night. Of course, the lights would have to work and not be kept on a dimmer switch, which seems to be happening all over town.

How many more lives have to be lost on this dangerous stretch of road before someone with the knowledge and brains to rectify the situation actually does something?

While the powers that be play at politics, the citizens of Port Elizabeth are rallying to the call of the DA to put a stop to the rot.

Fixing Target Kloof may be a step in the right direction for the present municipality. After all, we have an election coming up!

Cora Adcock, Humewood, Port Elizabeth