Protesters block departing passengers at Hong Kong airport

File picture.
File picture.

Pro-democracy protesters blocked passengers at departure halls of Hong Kong airport Tuesday, a day after a sit-in forced authorities to cancel all flights to and from the major international hub.

In both terminals, protesters blocked the entrances to the departure area, though several dozen passengers were able to push through.

"I support your cause... but I need to see my family," a man shouted as protesters dressed in black surrounded him, preventing him from reaching the gates.

Some passengers said they had been told to check their bags in at Terminal 1 and then move to Terminal 2 to take-off, but when they arrived they found more protesters also blocking the way.

The demonstrators moved luggage trolleys to prevent passengers using an elevator or escalator leading down to the departure gates on the bottom floor of Terminal 2.

Then they formed a human chain, linking arm-in-arm to stop passengers from getting to the departures area.

A crowd of angry passengers, among them families with children, tried to push through without success.

"Come on you're being really selfish now," shouted one man.