Woman weds in hospital days after losing arm to crocodile

Crocodile. File picture
Crocodile. File picture
Image: Pixabay.com

A Zimbabwean woman who lost her arm after a crocodile attack while on holiday with her fiancé, married days later in a hospital chapel, state media reported yesterday.

Zanele Ndlovu exchanged vows with Jamie Fox in a hospital chapel in Bulawayo in front of 60 guests.

A picture in The Herald state newspaper showed Ndlovu-Fox in her white wedding gown with her remaining upper right limb covered in a white bandage.

A few days earlier the lovers were canoeing along the Zambezi River, near the Victoria Falls, when they were attacked by a crocodile.

“The crocodile just jumped out of the water and bit a chunk of my arm together with the side of the boat,” Ndlovu-Fox was quoted as saying.

“The canoe started deflating and it all happened so fast. The crocodile bit me again and pulled me into the water.

“My husband was thrown out on the opposite side, so the boat was between us.”

She said Fox and their tour guides wrestled the crocodile which later released her. She was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital, where the crushed part of the arm was amputated.

In hospital, she walked up the aisle to wed Fox at the infirmary.

“I spent a lot of time preparing for my wedding day, running around for venue, decor and so forth,” she said.

“I did not know that fate would have me wed in a hospital chapel, with one limb missing.”

Despite all this, “my wedding was the best”, Ndlovu-Fox said.

Her husband told the same newspaper the attack strengthened their union.

“This incident actually made me feel the deep meaning in our vows. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, that’s just how our love is going to be,” he said.

The couple is reportedly preparing to relocate to Britain soon.