How to subscribe to HeraldLIVE: all the details

HeraldLIVE subscribers get the best local news and much more

Our HeraldLIVE website is now offering specially curated content reserved for our subscribers.

Our Starter, Premium and Prime subscription options, starting from only R65 per month (details below), have been designed to give subscribers exclusive online access to the very best of our journalism.

We will also continue to offer a range of free, quality content, but this step allows us to place a value on some of our exclusive, in-depth and insightful reporting, offering compelling analysis from your favourite award-winning journalists.

What do you get for your money?

  • In addition to the latest local news from The Herald and Weekend Post, digital subscribers on the Premium and Prime packages will enjoy unlimited access to Times Select, SA's first digital-only daily news edition delivering exclusive South African news as well as other interesting national, business, lifestyle, sport and world news.
  • Subscribers to the Prime option will also benefit from digital access to SA’s largest Sunday news source, the Sunday Times.
  • Over and above the collection of quality news, all our digital subscribers will enjoy full access to our interactive online crosswords.
  • We will open reader comments on many of our articles, and we hope you will enjoy and take part in great conversations around our stories.
  • Existing print subscribers will have unlimited Premium access to HeraldLIVE at no extra cost once they have registered online.
  • And if you are not yet a subscriber, you can try it out for only R10 for the first 30 days.

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STARTER: Digital access (R65 per month)

  • Unlimited access to HeraldLIVE
  • Exclusive subscriber content
  • Comment on articles
  • Daily & weekly email newsletters
  • Special offers
  • Interactive crosswords

PREMIUM: Digital access | digital editions (R105 per month)

All the benefits of the Starter package, plus:

  • Times Select digital access
  • The Herald e-edition (an exact digital replica of the printed paper)
  • Weekend Post e-edition

PRIME: Digital access | digital editions | print editions (R145 per month)

All the benefits of the Premium package, plus:

  • Sunday Times digital access
  • The Herald print delivery
  • Weekend Post print delivery


HeraldLIVE Premium

Immerse yourself in trusted reporting and insightful analysis seamlessly across all devices.

Wherever you see “Premium”, you’ll be able to go behind the news with our exclusive news stories and features you’ll find nowhere else. 

The Herald & Weekend Post print editions

Your favourite award-winning journalism is delivered right to your door.

The Herald and Weekend Post are proudly committed to being a powerful, independent voice for the people, providing quality analysis and opinion on the stories that matter.

The Herald & Weekend Post e-edition 

Read our award-winning independent journalism on any device with a digital replica of your favourite newspapers.

Times Select 

Times Select gives you a sharply edited view of the news of the day.

It includes South African news exclusive to Times Select as well as a careful selection of other important or interesting national, business, lifestyle, sport and world news.

Sunday Times 

The Sunday Times – SA’s biggest Sunday newspaper – delivers a weekly dose of hard-hitting news and investigative journalism, business analysis, and insightful opinion for subscribers only.

Interactive crosswords 

The Herald is excited to offer our digital subscribers two brand-new crosswords every day – a quick crossword and a cryptic crossword. These crosswords will be accessible on the HeraldLIVE website.

You can choose whether you want to do them on your phone on your desktop, or print them out. The digital versions have some nifty additional functions, though, such as an option to choose to have the correct word revealed, or perhaps just a letter revealed as a clue. 

Our recently revamped HeraldLIVE website is now offering specially curated content reserved for our subscribers. Get all the details here: