Matriculant pair pass for their son

Waseema de Jager and Abid Taliep celebrate with their son after receiving their matric results
Waseema de Jager and Abid Taliep celebrate with their son after receiving their matric results
Image: Supplied

Towards the end of 2017‚ while in grade 11‚ one of the top pupils of Crestway Senior Secondary School in Cape Town found out she was pregnant.

Last week‚ the young woman beat the odds when she‚ and the father of her child‚ passed matric.

On January 4, 18-year-old Waseema de Jager posted a picture of her small family on Facebook.

In it‚ she and her partner‚ Abid Taliep‚ who was also her classmate‚ are holding their matric results, along with their son.

“Look son‚ we did it for you‚” she captioned the picture.

It has since gone viral‚ being shared thousands of times‚ with others adding their stories of beating the odds.

De Jager‚ who obtained a bachelor’s pass‚ while her boyfriend received a diploma admission‚ said the road to success was not easy.

“Our parents are strict and were disappointed when they found out. Another challenge was going to school and letting the principal know‚” she said.

With her being an A student‚ her teachers and principal were shocked‚ some thinking it could be the end of her school career.

De Jager attended the first term of her matric year‚ but had to put her studies on hold in the second term to prepare for the birth of her son.

“I gave birth on April 15 and went back to school on May 15, just days before the June exams. Catching up was tough‚ but I passed,” she said.

De Jager also passed the September exams.

“The finals were very stressful because my boyfriend lost his dad [to a brain tumour].

“As the eldest son‚ he had to take care of his father’s affairs.

“My mom had a mild heart attack in the last week of my finals‚ but we did what we could.

“I didn’t think I had passed because sometimes it was so hard to cope.”

However‚ with scores of girls reportedly falling pregnant and others dropping out of school each year‚ De Jager said her pregnancy became a motivation for her to succeed.

“Others drop out because they have no-one to look after the child‚ but my parents pushed me to finish and my boyfriend was my main supporter‚ even bringing work home for me from school.

“I knew that my success would also be my son’s success‚” she said.

De Jager will continue studying.

“The plan is that my boyfriend and I will take turns going to school. While one studies‚ the other will work‚ even if it’s part time‚” she said.

De Jager wants to study nursing‚ while her boyfriend plans to get into IT. - TimesLIVE