ANC to exclude candidates who foster division

ANC flag. File picture
ANC flag. File picture
Image: DispatchLIVE

ANC members and leaders who have been involved in “fostering divisions and conflict” in the party will not be allowed to be included on the list of representatives to the National Assembly and provincial legislatures.

The ANC held its national list conference in Durban’s upmarket Umhlanga suburb‚ where it was decided to reconsider the criteria of its lists of public representatives – which will now include a strict vetting process.

“Candidates must enhance the integrity of the ANC‚” acting party spokesperson Dakota Legoete said.

Initially‚ ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte said the party would only consider removing people who were criminally convicted and sentenced.

But on Sunday‚ the party said it had broadened the criteria to disallow candidates who had a history of ill discipline and corruption. “The conference was emphatic that in instances where the adopted principles and guidelines are not met‚ it will not hesitate to intervene‚” Legoete said.

He said the party had decided to subject the lists to a vetting process to check whether each candidate met the requirements of being an ANC public representative.

“The ANC is under no illusion that its list must enhance its integrity‚ with a calibre of public representatives that are capable of advancing the electoral mandate of the ANC‚” the party said in its post-list conference statement.

The party agreed to continue its practice of ensuring that every second name on the lists was female‚ but lowered their requirement of experience.

Once the lists are fine-combed‚ the ANC’s national executive will adopt them and submit them to the Independent Electoral Commission before the 2019 general elections. –TimesLIVE