Are men scared of the jab?

Advisory body the Community Constituency Front (CCF) has launched the vacciNATION 4 MEN campaign
FOR MEN: Advisory body the Community Constituency Front (CCF) has launched the vacciNATION 4 MEN campaign

Scared or just concerned about their manhood? 

Men have been revealed as the least likely group to get vaccinated.

According to Covid-19 advisory body the Community Constituency Front (CCF), early insights from the nationwide vaccination drives have revealed that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for men are myths related to their sexual health after getting the jab.

In an effort to encourage more men to get inoculated against Covid-19, the CCF recently launched the vacciNATION 4 MEN campaign.

“The campaign aims to connect with the hearts and minds of one man at a time, to convert vaccine resistance to intent to [opt for] vaccination,” CCF co-convener Mabalane Mfundisi said.

By working with other organisations such as taxi associations, the SA Football Union, National Union of Mineworkers and the SA Youth Council and traditional and religious groups, the CCF hopes to persuade more men to get vaccinated. 

“In connecting with one man at a time, openly, with empathy and without judgment, we are turning ordinary men into influencers who are in turn helping to convince other men in their communities to vaccinate.

“With this approach, we are making the circle bigger as more men vaccinate, therefore protecting themselves, their families, loved ones and colleagues against serious illness and death, should they be infected with Covid-19.”

Dr Sangxa Rozani, an SA medical doctor based in Manchester, England, said: “We often hear concerns about infertility and erectile dysfunction.

“A recent study by the University of Miami has found that the vaccine does not cause these side effects.

“Rather, it is Covid-19 that causes inflammation in these areas.

“We therefore urge men to take the vaccine to protect themselves from these possible effects from the virus.

“The vaccine can protect you from these and other sometimes permanent and long-term effects of the virus.”

At the community interactions and social listening sessions convened by the CCF, a range of sentiments were expressed by those in favour of vaccines and those who were hesitant.

Rozani said the benefits of vaccines were clear.

“Since the UK had a head start on vaccinations, the benefits are now very clear to see.

“We test every patient who comes into the hospital for Covid-19 and though many are positive, they are not presenting with any of the symptoms of the disease.

“They are seeking medical attention for other reasons.

“We can now unequivocally say that the vaccines are reducing the need for hospitalisation and preventing deaths from Covid-19,” Rozani said.

“By engaging with all the sentiments, we have been able to change the minds of some of the most resistant men who not only send me messages with pictures of their vaccination cards, but go on to encourage other men to vaccinate.

Mfundisi said: “The vacciNATION 4 MEN campaign is really contributing to the nationwide campaign to get as many people vaccinated, one man at a time, one family at a time.”

The campaign is set to work with other campaigns, including the Vooma, #RollUpYourSleeves and Vaccinate Today campaigns launched earlier this year.



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