WATCH LIVE | Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu's alleged murder case continues

The alleged murder case of former police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is continuing in Palm Ridge magistrate's court on Wednesday.

Ndlovu stands accused of killing six of her relatives as she allegedly hoped to cash out life insurance policies.

Ndlovu, who during Monday's court appearance had been jovial and joked with the media, wept on the stand when she spoke about her sister Audrey’s death.

“I remember Sgt Mabale led the way into the room. We could see there was a figure on the bed. Mabale removed the blanket from the bed, not completely, and asked me to step back. It was then I figured something was wrong with my sister,” said Ndlovu.

She claimed she walked into the room and leant against a cupboard, causing two cups to fall.

“I picked up the cups and put them in a wash basin outside,” said Ndlovu.

It is the state’s case that this move was Ndlovu’s attempt to destroy evidence. It is believed one cup had traces of the substance used to poison Audrey.


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