Meet your street vendor: Lance Francis

Lance Francis
Lance Francis
Image: Supplied

Name and Surname: Lance Francis                                                                            

Nickname: Labo

Date of birth: January 18 1995

Which intersection/road are you based at? Builders Warehouse (Buffelsfontein and 17th Avenue, Walmer)

How long have you been working for The Herald and Weekend Post? Nine years.

What time do you get to work? 4.30am

Do you have regular customers? Yes.

How did you come about the role to sell newspapers? I use to help a friend out by delivering newspapers and the opportunity came about to become a street vendor, so I took it.

What do you enjoy most about being a street vendor? Meeting new people and make new friends.

Who or what is the most important thing to you? My child. I want to be someone that my child looks up to and be independent.

What are your hobbies? Soccer.

Are you proud of The Herald and Weekend Post brand? Yes.

Do you read the newspaper yourself? Yes.

Do the attitudes of customers affect you and why? No, I always greet all my customers and in return my customers all smile back.

Who is your favourite sports team? Manchester United

What is your favorite food? Lasagna

Any other comments: I love my job and what I do because I get to meet a lot of different people who treat me like family.