Woman robbed in Charlo home

Image: Elvis Ntombela

Three robbers, armed with a sword, tried to bite the rings off a 90-year-old woman’s hand during a robbery in Charlo on Saturday morning.

The incident happened at 1:10am in Martin Street, after the woman was woken by her dog barking inside the house.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the woman looked out a window and noticed the garage door was opened.

“As she opened the kitchen door to go out to close the garage door, she was accosted by an unidentified male who pushed her into the house. He was armed with a sword. Another two men entered the house,” she said.

Naidu said the woman’s 64-year-old son was woken up by the commotion.“As he came out of his room, he was threatened and shoved back into the bedroom.

The men demanded money. One of the suspects attempted to bite off the rings from the 90-year-old woman’s fingers but was unsuccessful,” she said.

“The suspects took a small amount of money from the wallet, clothing, television and two cellphones as well as a safe containing a 38 special revolver.”

Naidu said the men stole a grey Chevy Spark that was parked at the house and fled.“The suspects tied up the two with electrical cords and left them inside.”A short while later, the stolen Spark was found abandoned in Prospect Road, Walmer.

“Clothing and the sword as well as a knife were found in the vehicle. Both front wheels of the car are damaged,” Naidu said.

The woman sustained minor injuries to her fingers and arm.A case of house robbery and theft of a motor vehicle is under investigation.