Bay coalition parties to meet at national level says Bantu Holomisa

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa addresses residents in KwaNdokwenza
UDM leader Bantu Holomisa addresses residents in KwaNdokwenza
Image: Nomazima Nkosi

UDM president Bantu Holomisa said parties at national level would meet before Thursday's Nelson Mandela Bay council meeting to discuss the petition for the removal of mayor Mongameli Bobani.

Speaking in KwaNdokwenza where the UDM thanked its voters in the recent ward 20 by-election, Holomisa said the ANC, AIC, EFF, UF and PA national leaders would need to meet to discuss the petition calling for Bobani's removal.

Last month the UDM unsuccessfully contested the by-election in Ward 20, losing to the ANC.

“I heard in the week that there are those saying Bobani's days are numbered. At the moment these calls are local and not at national level. If they can't sort out their differences the matter will be taken to the National Executive Committee of the coalition parties,” Holomisa said.

“If the leaders at local level can't agree then there needs to be a report complied that states the allegations against Bobani.

“We weren't drunk when we took the decision to form a coalition and work together.”

Calls for Bobani to resign have been mounting over the past two weeks.

About 117 councillors out of a council of 120 have signed a petition calling for an urgent special council sitting to be held next week.

The petition was circulated among councillors and was submitted to speaker Buyelwa Mafaya on Monday.

Mafaya initially called for a special council meeting for Tuesday, but later postponed it to Thursday, October 17.

Holomisa said it was important to note that no party won the 2016 municipal elections.

“Decisions now are taken via consensus and parties need to take each other in consideration.

“What needs to happen now is to sit with the caucus that formed the coalition, listen to their grievances and ask them if they've taken those grievances to their leaders or did you take a decision on your own to engage the DA that is our competition without consulting us,” he said.

Holomisa said Bobani would remain mayor until Cyril Ramaphosa, Mandla Galo of the AIC, Gayton McKenzie, Irvin Jim, Julius Malema and himself decide otherwise and rubber stamped the petition signed by the Bay councillors.

“Before the October 17 council meeting, these leaders need to sit and agree first before he's removed if that's the decision. If the ANC wants to work with the DA then it should say so,” Holomisa said.