WATCH | Drone technology used to fight crime in Delft

"Growing up and living in Delft is like a 50/50 chance. I've seen robberies happen in front of me, people get stabbed, shot. I've seen people get killed right in front of my eyes."

That's how Delft resident Nazeer Varin has described life in the crime-ridden area in the Western Cape.

Tired of innocent people being murdered, community members have taken matters into their own hands, using innovative technology to combat the scourge of violence plaguing the area.

CPF chairperson Pastor Charles George said they are using technology, like drones, to fight crime in a "smart way".

"We put together our own model, where we have a tuk tuk and we have a flat-screen TV built into the tuk tuk.  As they (neighbourhood watch) would do their normal patrols, the drone would go ahead of the patrol. These guys can't see around the corners, but the drone can."

The hope is that the technology will not only protect community members, but also become a catalyst for job creation.

"Our young people, we're wanting to bring them on the training programme and teach them how to fly drones. We want them to work in the control rooms that we want to set up in the community," explained George.

The pastor said Delft was built on a foundation of failure and he wants to create a sense of hope and a new future.