WATCH | Cash guard hailed as hero after shooting armed 'robbers'

A GS4 security guard in Virginia, Free State, has been hailed as a hero on social media after he shot at armed robbers outside the local Checkers on May 7 2019. The security guard was uninjured. Two of the suspected attackers were tracked down to Bongani Hospital in Welkom. The third was still at large.

A G4S security guard has been hailed as a hero on social media after he shot at armed robbers, wounding two of them, during an attack in the Free State.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the guard is seen exiting a store with a cash canister in his left hand.

As he approaches the exit of the shopping centre, two men appear from the right side.

The men run towards the guard but he pulls out his gun and starts shooting at the first attacker.

He falls to the ground while shooting the second attacker who stumbles and falls into a trolley.

The guard gets up and runs out while the attackers flee the scene.

Hawks spokesperson Warrant Officer Linda Steyn said the incident happened outside Checkers in Virginia, Free State, on Sunday morning.

Many took to social media to praise the guard for his training and "readiness" for the attack.

"Give him a month's sick leave and a well deserved holiday.. what a hero, he held onto the company assets right till the end... surprised those two and one ahead... truly well trained, wonder which Company he works for, he needs to train other guards in this situation ... wow! And for the lady who was shot in the leg, wishing you a speedy recovery. I had to laugh when the one suspect got entangled," a comment read.

A second comment read: "Well done Officer! That was a close call. I love his level of preparedness and awareness of his environment. He had his hand right on his pistol at the right time."

A third comment read: " Well done, he deserves a holiday and bottle of whisky...."

"He saw three armed men and then they started shooting at him and he retaliated and shot back. Two of them [alleged robbers] were shot in the leg and a lady from Checkers was also shot in her leg," said Steyn.

Steyn said the men fled the scene.

The Hawks later found the two men at Bongani Hospital in Welkom.

The third man was still on the run.

One of the men was transported to Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein under police guard in a critical condition.

Steyn said the guard escaped the attack unharmed.