Alleged gangster killed, teen injured in shootings

Alleged NTB gangster Claude Goliath, 26, was shot and killed by two unidentified gunmen on Thursday evening
Alleged NTB gangster Claude Goliath, 26, was shot and killed by two unidentified gunmen on Thursday evening

One person was killed and another injured in separate gang-related shootings which took place during the last 24 hours.

Claude Goliath, 26, was shot and killed while trying to speed away in his vehicle from two gunmen on Thursday evening.

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the shooting took place at about 6.40pm, in Bardien Street, Bloemendal.

“He was leaving a house in the street when he was shot at by two unknown men while approaching his car. At the time of the shooting, there were also three passengers inside the car,” she said.

“While he was trying to escape, the two men fired several shots at Goliath. [He] managed to jump into the driver’s seat of the car and started speeding off.”

Naidu said he drove a short distance before crashing into a parked car and then a boundary wall.

“The shooters ran away and the victim died from two gunshot wounds he sustained before he could get into his vehicle,” she said.

“None of the passengers were injured.”

According to Naidu, Goliath was associated to the NTB gang.

By 1am on Friday, a 16-year-old boy was shot in the stomach during another suspected gang shooting in Gentian Street, in West End, Bethelsdorp.

The teenager, who is being treated in a Port Elizabeth hospital, is not being named for his own protection.

“The boy and five others were sitting inside an outbuilding when a lone gunman walked up to the shack and opened fire.

"The shack door was opened and several shots fired inside the shack. Only the 16-year-old was injured in the shooting,” Naidu said.

“The gunman then fled on foot." 

  • In another unrelated gang incident, a 24-year-old man was arrested for the  double murder of Megan Mitchell, 21, and Clive September, 36, on November 3 2018.

Naidu said the man - who can only be named once he has pleaded - was arrested at a house in Brittlewood Street, Bloemendal, on Thursday by the Port Elizabeth flying squad after a tip-off led police to the address.

"It is alleged that he is one of the two gunmen who killed the two victims while they were walking in Almond Street, in Booysen Park,” she said.

"His alleged accomplice Riyaad Groves, 29, was arrested in December 2018.”

The suspect is due to appear in the Port Elizabeth magistrate's court on Friday.