Load-shedding set to continue 'all day on Sunday'

Load-shedding will be implemented between 8am and 11pm on Sunday
Load-shedding will be implemented between 8am and 11pm on Sunday
Image: Gallo Images

Stage 4 load-shedding is expected to be implemented on Sunday between 8am and 11pm.

Eskom announced late on Saturday that load-shedding - initially scheduled until 11pm on Saturday - would continue throughout the night, shifting to stage 2 between 11pm and 8am on Sunday.

"It will then move to stage 4 from 8am to 11pm on Sunday," a statement reads.

"Unfortunately, even with the implementation of stage 4 load-shedding [on Saturda], Eskom experienced a further decline in water reserves, which was used to supplement generation capacity.

"The management of the diesel and water resources is essential to ensure that the impact of the potential stage of load-shedding in the week ahead can be reduced."

Stage 4 load-shedding was being implemented due to the loss of capacity which included imports from Mozambique.

"At this stage, it appears unlikely that the imports from Mozambique will be restored in the next few days, which we can now confirm was affected by the cyclone," the statement reads.

"Eskom's maintenance teams are hard at work at our power stations in order to return units to the system."

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