Three robberies reported to police on Saturday morning

Three cases of robbery were reported to police on Saturday morning
Three cases of robbery were reported to police on Saturday morning
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Three robberies were reported to police in Port Elizabeth on Saturday - two house robberies and one business robbery.

Police said in a statement a 69-year-old man was injured when he tried to fight off a suspect in his flat at a Kabega Park retirement village in one of the incidents.

“According to information on hand, the man was asleep when he heard noises. As he woke up, an unknown male was standing at his bedside,” the statement reads.

“Another suspect was standing on the opposite side of the bed and threatened to shoot the man and his wife, although no firearm was produced.

“The man grappled with one suspect and he was overpowered. He was whiten the head with a blunt object.”

The suspects, who gained entry by forcing a sliding door open, took the man’s cellphone and wallet.

Four cars at the village were also allegedly broken into and the car radios stolen.

At about 7am, in Humewood, a 20-year-old female student woke to an unknown man, armed with a knife, in the kitchen.

“He threatened her and ran off with her laptop and cellphone. Entry was gained through a window which was allegedly forced open.”

The business robbery occurred at a shop on the corner of Innes and North streets in North End, also at about 7am.

“Three males entered the store and asked they 26-year-old complainant about the price of a case of 2L cooldrinks. The suspect then handed him less money than the price given,” the statement reads.

“When the complainant told him to take the 1.5L cooldrinks, the suspects pointed a firearm at him and ordered him to open the gate. The complainant and his uncle were tied up with cable ties and the suspects ran off with about R2,000 in cash.

A case of business robbery is being investigated.