Disgraced cop begs court for light sentence

'I have three children to look after'

Alicia Beeming
Alicia Beeming
Image: Supplied

Disgraced Port Elizabeth policewoman Alicia Beeming told the magistrate's court on Wednesday, that while she knew she had made a mistake, she did not believe she should have to pay for it for the rest of her life. 

She was charged with defeating the ends of justice after she kept the whereabouts of a known gangster from police detectives who were looking for him. 

Beeming, who represented herself in court, was convicted on the charge after she pleaded guilty in 2017.

She was arguing in mitigation of sentence.

At the time, she was a member of the police’s gang unit. 

It was alleged that the gangster, Hans Jordaan, believed to be a high-ranking member of the Upstand Dogs gang, was Beeming's lover. 

An emotional Beeming asked the court for leniency, saying she had three children to look after. 

She added that she did not receive child support from her children's fathers.

That statement, however, was quickly shot down by prosecutor, Rafiq Ahmed, who said financial records showed that she received money from both  fathers of her children. 

Testifying in aggravation of sentencing, former gang unit boss Colonel Mike Grobler,  previously told the court how the actions of Beeming, 34, had had an enormously negative effect on the unit as well as its relationship with the community.

Beeming, who worked directly under Grobler, was an investigating officer on gang-related matters.

Her duties included research, gathering of information and investigations specifically related to the Upstand Dogs and Dustlives gangs.

Beeming will be sentenced on March 14.