Jeffreys Bay woman stabbed in hand during house robbery

67-year-old injured after scuffle with intruder

Three armed men broke into a Jeffreys Bay home on Thursday morning
Three armed men broke into a Jeffreys Bay home on Thursday morning
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A 67-year-old woman was stabbed in the hand during a scuffle with a robber in Jeffreys Bay on Thursday morning.

Police spokesperson Captain Gerda Swart said the incident happened at about 1.30am, when three armed suspects entered the Dolphin Street home through a partially open window.

“It is alleged that the alarm went off as the intruders entered and the 67-year-old woman complainant went to have a look. She noticed the suspects and screamed,” Swart said.

“A scuffle ensued between one of the suspects and the woman and she was stabbed in her hand. Her son came to assist her and they were ordered by the suspects to go to the bedroom, where they searched the safe. The suspects took jewellery, a revolver, laptop and cellphones.”

Swart said the suspects left the family in the bedroom and continued to search the rest of the house.

“One of the suspects allegedly returned with the revolver and the complainant’s husband [who also had a firearm hidden in the bedroom] fired two shots through the bedroom door,” Swart said.

“The suspects immediately fled on foot from the scene with some of the stolen items.”

Jeffreys Bay police recovered some of the items in the yard.

Police are appealing to second-hand dealers to look out for anyone wanting to sell jewellery or electronic equipment.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Jeffreys Bay police on 042-200-6800 or the Crime Stop toll-free number, 086-001-0111.