Three house robberies in Bay over weekend

Three separate house robberies were reported in the Bay over the weekend.
Three separate house robberies were reported in the Bay over the weekend.
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Three house robberies occurred in Nelson Mandela Bay over the weekend.

The latest saw a family in Closemore Crescent, Malabar, robbed at about 2am on Sunday when four men stormed the house.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said that the woman was sleeping when she heard a loud bang inside the house.

“The next thing four men were inside the house, threatening her. It is suspected that they kicked open the front door. One of the men stayed with her while the other suspects rounded up her mother and two children sleeping in different bedrooms,” he said.

“They were all placed inside a bedroom and locked inside.”

Labans said that the suspects then ransacked the house and stole a television and other items before running away.

Once they fled, the family managed to sound the alarm and alert the police,” he said.

“No one was injured in the robbery.”

This comes after a robbery in Chetty Extension 12, in Booysen Park, at 3:30am, on Saturday.

“The 30-year-old man was sleeping inside his shack when he woke to three men carrying firearms standing over him. They had gained entry by forcing open the front door. He confronted them and they threatened to shoot him if he resisted. He complied with their demands and stayed out of their way while they ransacked the shack,” Labans said.

“The men grabbed the television and other small items before running off.”

In another robbery at 3:30pm in River Road,Swartkops, a lone thief broke into the house and fled empty handed when the 74-year-old homeowner confronted him.

“The couple were watching television when the elderly man went to the bathroom. En route to the bathroom, he noticed a shadow in one of the bedrooms. He walked in and confronted the suspect. A scuffle ensued and the suspect hit him on the head with a torch. During the commotion, the man’s wife went to look to see what was happening. During the fight, the suspect managed to run out the front door,” police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge said.

“The police were alerted a short while later and a search for the suspect failed. Nothing was stolen during the incident.”

Beetge said that the couple sustained minor injuries from the attack.