Edward Zuma pays hate speech fine

Edward Zuma
Edward Zuma

Edward Zuma has settled his fine for hate speech.

A day before the matter was set to go back to the Durban Equality Court‚ Zuma’s attorneys told the court in a letter their client had settled his debt.

S Mncwango and Co attached proof of payment of R12‚500. According to this, the deposit was made by one of the attorneys.

On December 22 2018‚ the court ordered former president Jacob Zuma’s son to fully pay the settlement of R60‚000 within 30 days or explain to court why a warrant for his arrest should not be issued.

Edward Zuma pays hate speech fine.
Edward Zuma pays hate speech fine.
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A month later, the court heard that Zuma had paid the outstanding R12‚500 meant for Ohlange High School into his lawyer’s trust fund‚ but the legal firm assumed it was a portion of fees owed to them.

His lawyer, Ayanda Mkhwanazi, had asked the court to give Zuma seven days to resolve the dispute. Last May‚ Zuma had agreed to apologise to the public and pay two schools R30‚000 each for hate speech he directed against Derek Hanekom and Pravin Gordhan.

He had described Gordhan and Hanekom as, among other things, an “anti-majoritarian sell-out minority in the ANC”.