Injured suspect arrested after hijacking, accident

A suspected hijacker was arrested following an accident involving three vehicles in Target Kloof, Walmer on Friday morning.

Four people, one of them a teenager, were injured.

Police spokesperson Captain Johan Rheeder said a red Volkswagen Polo was hijacked in Parliament Street, Central at about 7.15am.

“A 21-year-old woman was hijacked in Parliament Street by four men. The woman was forced out of the car by the suspects who then sped off with the Polo,” he said.

“It appears the car chased towards Targetkloof when the accident occurred. A white Nissan vehicle was turning into the road from a side street when the VW Polo appears to have collided into it.

“The 15-year-old child and two parents were in the car. On impact, the VW Polo veered into the opposite lane where a passing Isuzu truck collided into it.”

Rheeder said the suspect was trapped in the car and firefighters had to cut open the wreckage to remove him

The family from the other car and the truck driver were taken to hospital.

“The suspect who was in the polo is in a critical condition and also rushed off to hospital after he was removed from the car. He will be placed under police guard but is in a very critical condition.”

Rheeder said the three other hijacking suspects were not in the car at the time of the crash.

“According to the witnesses, only the driver was inside the polo. It is suspected that the other three were dropped off somewhere prior to the crash.”

The Polo has been impounded by police for forensics to gather evidence which may help them identify the other suspects.

A case of reckless and negligent driving and hijacking is being investigated.