Outrage over ‘Blade Gunner’ Oscar outfit

Image: Supplied

Pranksters are set to prowl the streets of the UK this Halloween dressed as an armed Oscar Pistorius.

A costume consisting of running vest‚ shorts‚ imitation “blades” and a gun has gone on sale for £24.99 (R485)‚ to the outrage of a group that supports victims of crime.

Last year‚ Amazon stopped selling the outfit following a backlash from customers‚ but online store Jokers’ Masquerade said it was guaranteed to cause controversy.

The “Blade Gunner” outfit allows buyers to dress as the SA Paralympian who shot dead his girlfriend‚ Reeva Steenkamp‚ at his Pretoria home on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

The website said: “Cause lots of controversy at your next party with our Adult Blade Runner Gunner Stag Costume.

“The costume includes black and silver boot covers that come up to just under the knee‚ giving the impression that you have metal running blades instead of legs‚ just like that infamous runner.”

Support After Murder and Manslaughter CEO Rose Dixon said: “This is incredibly insensitive and highly offensive‚ especially to bereaved families.

“These stores are turning murder into entertainment – and that’s painful for grieving families.”