Three dead in Port Elizabeth gang shootings

Three people killed between Thursday evening and Friday morning

Bullet and gun. File picture
Bullet and gun. File picture

Three people were killed in a string of gang-related shootings in the Helenvale area in Port Elizabeth over 12 hours.

While police do not yet know the cause for the latest spate of shootings, they suspect it may be gang-related.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the latest incident happened at about 6:30am on Friday when Franklin Grootboom, 32, was gunned down in Renecke Road, Helenvale.

“He was walking to a nearby spaza shop in Renecke Road, Helenvale, with a friend when a group of about eight men approached them.

“The group then started to chase them during which time shots were fire at the two fleeing men. He (Grootboom) fled into the yard of a house in the street where he was shot multiple times. The suspects then fled.”

It is believed that the attackers are from the Hondekoppe gang.

This shooting comes after Jesican Charles, 28, was shot in Voisen Road at 7pm on Thursday.

“He was standing with another person in front of a house in Voisen Road when someone came running towards him. He [Charles] then fled and ran into a nearby house. In an attempt to escape, he ran out the back door and tried to scale the perimeter wall,” Naidu said.

“He was then shot multiple times and was taken to hospital.”

Charles died later on Thursday.

About 30 minutes before Charles was shot, another shooting occurred in Anita Drive – only two streets away from Voisen Road.

Naidu said Ojay Marais, 21, was shot at 6:30pm on Thursday.

“He was found lying on the pavement, with multiple gunshots to his body. No one saw what happened,” she said.

It appears the shootings occurred between rival gangs, Nice Time Boys gang and the Hondekoppe gang.

“We are still looking into if the three murders are all linked. We cannot speculate at this stage,” she said.

The cases are being investigated by the Provincial Gang Investigation Unit.