Helicopter finds car causing men to flee

Four men evaded arrest however police found a locked safe and other implements inside the car

The car that was spotted by the police helicopter parked in Korsten
The car that was spotted by the police helicopter parked in Korsten
Image: supplied

A group of four men, believed to have stolen a safe over the weekend were spotted fleeing from a car parked in Stemela Road, Korsten, during a late night operation.

According to police, the Silver Chevy Spark was spotted parked in the street by the police helicopter at about 11:30pm on Sunday.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the find was made during a gang and crime clampdown operation.

The car was parked on the side street when the police helicopter hovered over it, four men flung opened the car doors and fled.

“The helicopter called for assistance from the ground units who assisted with a search of the area.

“The men ran in different directions and attempts to locate them failed,” she said. 

“Police inspected the car and found a locked safe in the vehicle as well as a foreign passport, crow bars and other implements used for burglaries were also found inside vehicle. Even though the safe was locked, police officials managed to look through one of the holes and saw that it containers several documents.” Naidu said. 

The vehicle was confiscated, as well as the contents inside the car including cellphones and a passport.

“Detectives have opened an inquiry to determine if there are any reported robberies or burglaries where a safe had been taken. The vehicle ownership is also stated as unknown.”

Police specialist vehicle inspectors as well as forensic experts are going to comb the vehicle for clues.

“We are hoping to establish whose car this is and if it is stolen or hijacked, in turn this could lead us to where the safe comes from,” she said.

No case was opened but an inquiry is under investigation.