WATCH | Security guard survives after car crashes into him

A Johannesburg security guard who was deployed to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles in the Morningside area is lucky to be alive after he was sent crashing into a wall by a car.

A video of the incident‚ captured on CCTV footage last week‚ has gone viral.

In the video‚ the security guard is seen sitting on a chair near the roadside.

A white Mercedes Benz is suddenly seen speeding in his direction‚ narrowly missing two other vehicles before driving into him‚ sending him smashing against a brick wall behind him.

The vehicle swerves just moments before it hits the same wall but hits an electric pole‚ causing sparks to fly.

It stops after finding its way back onto the roadside.

Surprisingly‚ the security guard is able to make it back onto his feet after the severe strike.

He is seen stumbling along as though in a daze‚ walking off the camera shot.

Seconds later‚ the driver of the Merc slowly emerges out of the car‚ seemingly uninjured.

A Johannesburg security guard is lucky to be alive after he was sent crashing into a wall by a car on July 15 2018.

Security company Cap Group said the incident happened on Sunday afternoon.

“He was working to identify suspicious vehicles entering the suburb of Morningside at the time‚” spokesperson Adam Steyl said in a statement.

“We can confirm that the individual concerned was injured‚ received excellent medical care‚ and has subsequently been discharged from hospital.” 

Police are investigating the incident.

- TimesLIVE