Security guard shot during suspected ambush

Guard responded to triggered school alarm

Police car lights. File picture
Police car lights. File picture

A Magnum Alarms security guard was shot and injured after he was ambushed a short while after arriving at a New Brighton school. 

He was at the school as the burglar alarm had triggered.

The attack happened at about 6:30am on Wednesday morning when the security guard arrived at Lamani Public Primary School. 

The robbers, who fired at least five shots, attempted to steal the 23-year-old security guard’s gun – not realising he did not have a firearm.

According to police, the robbers demanded the guard’s gun before they started shooting at him.

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said the security response vehicle was shot several times while the guard was hit in the leg and his bulletproof vest.

“He stopped the car at the school and as he got out of the response vehicle he was approached by three men.

"One of the suspects pulled out a firearm and demanded he hand over his weapon,” he said.

“When he told the suspect he did not have a firearm the suspect began firing shots at him.

"The guard managed to dive into the response vehicle for cover.”

Beetge said several shots went through the vehicle's windscreen and door.

“One shot hit the guard in the leg while he was lying inside the car taking cover.

“The guard managed to alert his control room who dispatched police to the scene. The suspects had however already fled,” Beetge said.

The guard was taken to Livingstone Hospital for treatment.

Asked if the school alarm was intentionally triggered to lure the security guard to the area Beetge said a technician was sent to the school and could not find anything wrong with the system.

“It appears nothing had been tampered with.

"At this stage he was either at the wrong place at the wrong time or somehow they managed to set the alarm off.”

A case of attempted murder and robbery are under investigation.