J-Bay Comprehensive hallmark of ECDOE's vision

Dramatic intervention sees turnaround, official opening of town’s first public high school

Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive High School is a hallmark of the Eastern Cape Department of Education’s vision to deliver modern schools through its rapid school infrastructure programme to communities in the province.

Congratulations from Kouga executive mayor Horatio Hendricks

Kouga executive mayor Horatio Hendricks.
Kouga executive mayor Horatio Hendricks.
Image: Supplied

On behalf of the Kouga council, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate the community of Jeffreys Bay on the official opening of their first government high school.

For too many years, pupils from Jeffreys Bay had to trek all the way to Humansdorp to attend high school. This placed them at a disadvantage, especially when it came to participating in extra-mural activities after hours.

It also placed the town at a disadvantage, as it created the impression that Jeffreys Bay was a small and slumbering village and not the thriving hub of economic activity it has become over the past decades.

The opening of Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive High School is, therefore, a milestone in the development of both the town and its people.

Our wish for the school going forward, is that it will be an institution of excellence which produces young people who are employable and can actively participate in the economy.

We would further like to see the school reflect and celebrate the diverse cultures that make up the Jeffreys Bay community.

If we are to become a truly united nation, our children must learn to appreciate and embrace all cultures from a young age.

This year’s Grade 12 class will be the first matriculants to be groomed by the school. We are proud of each one of these pupils and would like to wish them well as they prepare for their final exams.

In closing, we would like to encourage the Jeffreys Bay community to support and look after the school.

We would further like to appeal to the Eastern Cape Department of Education to stay strong in its resolve to expand the school’s curriculum to include technical subjects.

The foundation has been laid for Jeffreys Bay’s children to have access to quality secondary education, but a lot of hard work still lies ahead for the school to reach its true potential.

Let’s keep the momentum going and make Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive High School one of the top schools in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

Word of thanks from parents

The growing list of achievements this year in stabilising Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive High School and increasing its functionality has been like music to the ears of SGB chairman Pastor Robin Jantjies.

“Garth Jacobs has truly been our saviour and we are very satisfied with the Department of Education for playing their part in solving the bulk of our problems,” Jantjies said.

“I have two sons in the school – Johrin in Grade 11 and Johan in Grade 8.

“Since they started with sport at the school this year, Johan has been playing rugby and has been chosen for the Sarah Baartman District rugby team. This makes a parent proud.”

Another satisfied parent and one of the SGB starting members, Siyanda Camagu, said: “The department heard our cry for help and sorted out our lack of classrooms and teachers and we now even have a fully-functional science lab for which I am very grateful, as my daughter in Grade 11, Phelokazi, takes it as a subject.

“Under the strong leadership of Mr Jacobs, the school is stabilising,” she said, adding that the teachers gave of their utmost as well.

“I am so happy that after all the negative publicity, the school will finally be officially opened this Friday and be in the news for all these positive changes instead,” she said.

This article was written in partnership with the Eastern Cape Government.