Elderly woman robbed inside house

81-year-old woman accosted by two men

An 81-year-old woman was robbed inside her Theescombe flatlet by two men who entered through an unlocked door.

The robbery happened at about 9pm on Wednesday in Landman Street, Theescombe.

The alarm was raised after residents in the area heard screams for help.

Police spokesman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said two suspects, both wearing balaclavas and one armed with a firearm, entered through the sliding door.

“When they entered they pointed a firearm at the woman and demanded  that she not scream. She was alone on the premises at the time of the robbery,”  Naidu said.

“The suspects then asked for money and where the safe was located. They proceeded to ransack the house.”

Naidu said the woman was taken into one of the bedrooms while the men went through her belongings.

“They then pushed her into another bedroom and locked her inside,” Naidu said.

By 11pm, after the men had fled, the woman screamed for help.

“Neighbours heard the screams and went to assist. The woman was then taken out of the room and a search for the suspects was launched,” Naidu said.

“A search of the area was conducted but the suspects were not found.”

Naidu said the woman was in shock but did not sustain physical injury.

A case of house robbery is under investigation.