Cell-C robbed in PE shopping centre

Robbers demand safe keys but could not open it, police say

Cell-C was in Cleary Park Shopping Centre was robbed
Cell-C was in Cleary Park Shopping Centre was robbed
Image: supplied

A manhunt is underway for a gang of robbers who robbed the Cell C store in Cleary Park Shopping Centre just minutes after the shop opened on Sunday morning.

The robbery saw three men, two of whom were armed with hand guns, enter the shop and hold three staff members, as well as a customer, at gunpoint.

Police spokesman Captain Johan Rheeder said while only three men entered the shop, several more robbers were suspected to be nearby watching for any responding security or police.

“They entered the store at about 8:05am and held two staff members, the manager and a customer at gunpoint.

"The men demanded the keys to the drop safe which the staff did not have,” he said.

“They attempted to open the safe with keys that were lying inside the shop, however, they failed to open it.”

Rheeder said after realising they could not open the safe the men stole several new cellphones and a laptop.

“They then exited the store and ran into the carpark where a white bakkie  vehicle was waiting.

“Several suspects jumped on the back of the bakkie and it drove of,” he said. 

Rheeder said other robbers were believed to have been strategically placed inside the centre to watch for responding officials.

While no one was injured in the heist the traumatized staff had to be taken to hospital as they were in shock.

A case of armed robbery is under investigation.