Wierzycka Sharpeville Massacre tweet faux pas

South African billionaire Magda Wierzycka apologised on Wednesday for commemorating the Sharpeville Massacre in a tweet featuring a photograph of Hector Pieterson.

Wierzycka tweeted the iconic photograph of Pieterson’s body being carried away after he was shot during the Soweto uprisings on June 16‚ 1976.

Pieterson was the first person killed in the protests against the sole use of Afrikaans in schools.

“Let’s never forget March 21 1960‚” Wierzycka tweeted.

Human Rights Day on Wednesday commemorates the anti-pass demonstration outside the Sharpeville police station near Vereeniging on March 21‚ 1960 where 69 people were killed and close to 200 people were injured.

Protesters marched to the police station to hand over their passes and demanded an end to the pass laws before the police opened fire on the crowd.

Commentators were quick to rebuke Wierzycka‚ suggesting she needed to brush up on her history.



Wierzycka apologised and said: “This has always been the iconic image of the massacres that happened in SA. Never again.”

She later tweeted a photograph from Sharpeville.

At the weekend‚ Wierzycka apologised and offered R200‚000 for job creation after tweeting: “I often get asked‚ how can I help SA? Our biggest challenge = job creation. A thought: let every household employ just 1 more cleaning lady or gardener. Just 1. I know it’s a financial sacrifice. But we all need to sacrifice if we are to save SA. Imagine the impact.”

Wierzycka later deleted her original tweet.

“I withdraw the comment. I thought it was a practical solution to a short-term serious problem of people living on social grants. I apologise if I offended anyone.”

- TimesLIVE