Henri van Breda sports new 'water-saving' look

[caption id="attachment_238540" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Henri van Breda and his new water-efficient look
Picture: Anthony Molyneaux[/caption]

Sporting a shiny pate‚ which he said is to "save water during the drought"‚ triple axe murder accused Henri van Breda appeared in court on Monday after a two-month hiatus.

This week both the state and defence will present their closing arguments – the former seeking to prove that the accused bludgeoned his parents and brother to death and left his sister for dead.

State prosecutor Susan Galloway began wrapping up her case just before 10.30am. She said her argument was made up of two parts: the first is the exclusion that any intruder could have come onto the property at 12 Goske Street.

She said the property is "in the centre of the estate"‚ "in between other houses which are in close proximity with narrow winding roads linking them"‚ and that there are only three access points to the estate‚ which are linked by an electrified fence.

"There was no breach of the perimeter‚ and no suspicious comings or goings through the access points. The residents are vigilant and no such complaint of a suspicious person was lodged‚" she said.

"The location of the property and close proximity of other houses make it highly improbable that an intruder or intruders could have come onto the property to commit crimes and then leave again – in both directions undetected."

The second part of her argument will look at the circumstantial evidence of the murders themselves.

The case continues.

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