Ousted councillor claims DA plot

One of these members, Stephen Moore, said he intended to pursue legal action as Adams owed him R5 000, along with allegedly owing money to other residents. “He hasn’t paid me back despite many promises,” Moore said.

He said he was also disappointed by Adams’s performance as councillor.

“I hoped he’d action reasonable requests, return calls and be present at meetings – the basics of what a councillor should do.”

Adams said he would look into the debt Pullen had mentioned, but the matter had been dealt with in his opinion.

“I’ve had friends who assisted me [financially], but I’ve recovered now.”

He also said he had only called one ward committee meeting, and that the meetings which he had not attended had been called and chaired by Kruger.

DA provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga denied Adams’ allegations of a plot and threats from the mayor.

“It is not true,” Bhanga said. “We made a decision as the provincial executive committee based on [his failure to pay].

“According to the DA, all public representatives have a responsibility to pay candidate fees [if elected] within six months, and if you fail to do that, you cease to be a member.It has nothing to do with the municipality.

“I have an obligation to look at [these matters] and we had to make a decision to protect the integrity of the party.”