Car repair nightmare for buyer

[caption id="attachment_209118" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Roseman Williams at the car dealership
Picture: Eugene Coetzee[/caption]

Vehicle driven only twice since it was bought two years ago, says owner

Two years after buying a vehicle in Algoa Park, Addo resident Roseman Williams claims he has climbed behind the wheel only twice due to mechanical issues and other excuses from the car dealership.

Williams, 59, claims that the day after he bought a Toyota Corolla for R65000, it had to be returned because of smoke billowing out of the exhaust while he was travelling home to Addo.

Williams said he had since spent thousands of rands travelling to and from Cars on Dyke Automotive Dealership after buying the vehicle in May 2015.

Once the first repairs were completed, he drove the vehicle back to Addo, where the same problem occurred, he claims.

He is yet to have his vehicle returned.

“The problems started almost immediately after the purchase,” he said.

“First, we discovered that the engine number didn’t match the vehicle number, and then the mechanical issues started.

“Every time I speak to the dealership or the mechanic, they say the car is being fixed and will be done in three or so days, and once that is past there is always another excuse as to why I can’t take the car.”

However, Cars on Dyke mechanic Morne Alberts said he had fixed the car several times and returned it to Williams at least five times.

“We have replaced everything from valves and rings to pistons and sliders,” he said.

“We give the car back to him and he returns it [as] broken.”

Asked why the repairs had taken more than two years to complete, Alberts said: “Every time we start the car, it makes different noises and we find something else that needs to be fixed.

“The real problem is the engine is a gemors [rubbish].

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