Feisty young woman fights off hijackers

A feisty young woman who was attacked in the driveway of her home in a terrifying hijacking ordeal turned the tables on her attackers when she managed to punch one of them hard before they fled in her car.

The 24-year-old, who did not want to be named as she fears for her safety, is from George but moved to Port Elizabeth to complete her business management internship.

She was left with a few bruises and a swollen lip after fighting off two hijackers who ambushed her in the driveway of her Summerstrand home.

The hijacking happened at about 11pm on Thursday, shortly after she arrived at her Sharwood Street house.

In the confrontation, the young woman managed to knock a gun out of one of the hijacker’s hands, only to realise it was a toy pistol.

By the early hours of yesterday, the VW Golf had been found abandoned outside a block of flats in Algoa Park, with a real firearm found hidden in the nearby bushes.

Yesterday, the woman recalled her ordeal, hoping it would warn others and prevent them from falling victim to similar attacks.

“I had left a friend’s house in Overbaakens and was driving home to Summerstrand when an approaching car near the traffic intersection at Walmer Boulevard and Forest Hill Road started flashing its lights at me,” she said.

“I carried on driving and being a bit wary, I kept on looking to see if I was being followed. “I couldn’t see anyone behind me so I drove another route home to be safe."

"As I approached my house I pushed the remote to open the front gate so by the time I pulled up, I could drive straight into the driveway. “As I parked, I saw the gate close behind me and sat in the car while sending a message to my friend saying I was home safely.”

But within seconds of turning the ignition off, two balaclava- clad men appeared at her driver’s door.

“I got such a fright. They banged hard on the window and as I looked up the two men were standing there with a gun. They forced open my door and demanded I hand over all my things and the car keys."

“The man with the gun told me that if I screamed they were going to kill me. I could feel that the gun pressed against my back felt fragile and I got a glimpse of it. I then realised the gun was not real."

“I knew I had to do something as I thought they wanted to take me with them. I took a chance and turned around, hitting the gun out of his hand."

“The gun hit the floor and broke and I punched the guy hard. He retaliated and punched me back in my face.”

“A neighbour heard my screams and ran outside and he yelled at them and threatened to shoot them.”

A laptop computer which was inside the car has also been recovered. Police spokesman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the Golf had been found abandoned at the Dolfyntjie flats in Algoa Park just after midnight.

“The car was found parked at the flats and information led to members going to one of the flats inside the complex. Inside the flat there were nine suspects, none of whom could be directly linked to the hijacking or car,” she said.

“Near the flat, a firearm had been thrown over the perimeter wall. The firearm has been sent to the forensic lab for testing.”