Oprah’s advice saves candidate attorney

Brave lawyer fights off attacker in attempted hijacking

BRAINS trumped brawn in the case of a Walmer resident who managed to potentially save her life after evading an attempted hijacking, simply by remaining calm and remembering the words of talk show guru Oprah Winfrey.

Robyn Zeiseniss, 25, a candidate attorney at Kaplan Blumberg Attorneys, had her first encounter with crime on Tuesday at about 9.40am.

The petite blonde was forced into her parked Ford Fiesta by a man wielding a knife, about 15m from the Labour Court in Evatt Street, Richmond Hill.

Zeiseniss said she surprisingly remained calm throughout the experience, managing to escape as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

“The most traumatic part was after the whole thing was done and trying to convey what happened to the police, who said I should not open a case because the car was not stolen.

-Tremaine van Aardt

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