CCTV helps catch newspaper thief red-handed

[caption id="attachment_65605" align="alignright" width="300"] CAUGHT AT LAST: Andre Saaiman had the brass cover on his letter box stolen then his copy of The Herald started disappearing Picture: FREDLIN ADRIAAN -[/caption]

A brazen pamphlet dropper was arrested yesterday after months of allegedly stealing The Herald newspaper out of a Summerstrand resident’s letterbox.

The 34-year-old Gelvandale man was allegedly caught red-handed after Andre Saaiman set up a CCTV camera outside his Scott Street home to catch the culprit.

Saaiman, 63, an avid reader for years, said he had originally set a booby trap inside the letterbox after realising that The Herald was stolen every Tuesday.

“This has been happening on and off for two years,” he said.

“For the last few weeks, it has been happening every Tuesday.

“I soon realised it was on a certain day and put an electric wire inside the post box so whoever sticks their hand into the box deep enough would get a massive shock,” he said.

- Gareth Wilson

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