Women, kids flee gunmen's rampage

[caption id="attachment_34534" align="alignright" width="405"] MURDER SCENE: Uniformed police stand by in Leith Street after a man was shot dead and three others wounded when two gunmen boldly walked down the street earlier in the day firing up to 12 shots. Picture: FREDLIN ADRIAAN[/caption]

A PORT Elizabeth woman watched helplessly yesterday as two armed young men wearing hoodies walked past her as she sat outside the Helenvale Resource Centre and, minutes later, randomly mowed down innocent people, killing one man and wounding three others.

Panicked Leith Street residents, including children playing outside, scattered in all directions as the shooters, believed to be Blinkboemelaars gang members, open- ed fire at 9.50am.

Twelve shots were fired in total.

Leith Street resident Albert Mitchell, 57, known as "Rooibaard", was killed.

Three other Helenvale residents – Joseph Samuels, 23, Neil Jordaan, 30, and Roger Albrecht, 40 – were wounded.

The witness, who did not want to be named for fear she would be targeted next, said the shooters had been targeting members of the New Kids gang, who gathered regularly in Leith Street. - Tremaine van Aardt

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