African Farmers Association welcomes Zokwana

The African Farmers Association of SA (Afasa) on Monday (26/05/2014) welcomed the appointment of former National Union Mineworkers president Senzeni Zokwana as minister of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

Afasa also welcomed the appointment of former police commissioner Bheki Cele as Zokwana's deputy.

Afasa general secretary Aggrey Mahanjana said Zokwana had already established a foundation, and a form of guidance from the National Development Plan and ANC manifesto.

"These documents must provide guidance to the new minister," he said in a statement.

Although Zokwana lacked experience in government, all he needed was good leadership skills to be able to steer the department in the right direction.

He said with the support of Cele, Zokwana stood a good chance.

Afasa president Mike Mlengana welcomed and respected President Jacob Zuma's decision.

"The department of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries had been unstable for a while, but we hope that the new leaders, through consultations and learning from industry experts and organised agriculture, will restore and maintain the stability of this important department.

"Organised agriculture has the experience and expertise and is willing to share these in order to ensure that the country is food secure and continues to create jobs," said Mlengana.

Afasa also welcomed the retention of Gugile Nkwinti as rural development and land reform minister.

"We hope that there will be no green and white papers anymore, nor the development of new policies, but service delivery will be expedited," said Mahanjana. - Sapa