Johannesburg's 'dumbest crook' steals CCTV cameras without mask

A thief who has been dubbed the dumbest in Johannesburg has been caught after stealing high-end CCTV security cameras.

According to a report in , he hadn't figured out that the cameras record his face before they are removed.

According to the report a picture of the crook's face has been posted on the Facebook page, with the organisation's founder declaring him the “the dumbest crook in Johannesburg”.

“This man is an idiot because he just walks up to the camera without covering his face,” Fareed Hoosen, the man who put up the picture, said.

Hoosen told the newspaper that footage of the man was taken around 3pm on Saturday from a home on 4th Avenue in Linden.

With the suspect so openly identifying himself, Hoosen hopes an arrest is made soon.