Graphic picture of Reeva, "zombie stopper" video shown in court

It is clear that prosecutor Gerrie Nel intends to give no leeway to Paralympian Oscar Pistorius during his cross-examination of the Blade Runner.

A video in which paralympian Oscar Pistorius refers to a gun as "a zombie stopper" was allowed to be screened in the High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday (09/04/14) before Nel showed a picture of Steenkamp's gravely injured head after the Valentine's Day shooting.

The video, of Pistorius and several other people at a shooting range, shows the murder accused firing at a watermelon with a handgun. As he hits it and it explodes, there are whoops of triumph.

"It's not as soft as brains but f*** it's a zombie stopper," a person who sounds much like Pistorius is heard saying.

"You know that the same happened to Reeva's head. It exploded," said Nel after showing Pistorius the clip.

Pistorius was then asked to look at a picture of Reeva Steenkamp's bloodied head. With a screen right next to him, he would not.

Steenkamp's mother June was held tight by a friend in the front of the court as a picture of her daughter with blood and tissue on her blonde hair was shown.

Pistorius said: I will not look at a picture of where I am tormented by what I saw."

Nel said: "It is the same thing as a watermelon."

As the court gasped, Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux SC jumped up and said: "That is uncalled for."

Pistorius started crying and Judge Thokozile Masipa allowed an adjournment for Pistorius to compose himself.

Even hardened reporters in the gallery were seen wiping away tears and saying "Jesus" under their breath.

Pistorius has pleaded not guilty as charged.

During the adjournment, another prosecutor Andrea Johnson went over to June Steenkamp.

She told Steenkamp and her family and friends, within earshot of the gallery, that what had happened in court happened in murder trials every day.

This is the so-called "a zombie stopper" video: