'Born frees' and anti-gay legislation up for debate

ALEXANDER Road High School's debate team will battle it out on March 15 around the issue of "born frees" taking part in the May elections.They will also debate South Africa's stance on the anti-gay legislation in Africa.

The debate which will be "friendly" will include more than 100 pupils from schools as far as Queenstown.

Alexander Road High English teacher Ricky Woods said the youngsters love the enthusiasm that goes along with the discipline of experimenting with a discordant topic.

"What they do love is an opportunity to get together with other like-minded students and, in a non-threatening environment, to express their views on topics that are close to their hearts," she said.

On March 15, apart from the debate session, Alexander Road High School will have their "Autumn Festival", an evening filled with pupils displaying a variety of musical talents. – Chanice Koopman