School in crisis

Annelisa Sitshefuta

ST Patrick's Primary School teachers are worried because there is a critical shortage of desks and chairs which more than 150 Grade 1 pupils have to take turns sharing.

The Humansdorp school also has to deal with overcrowded classrooms and a shortage of teachers.

The school has more than 150 Grade 1 pupils enrolled this year and only three teachers to teach the grade.

The desks are designed to

accommodate two pupils at a time, but four pupils are forced to share a desk due to the shortage.

There are also not always enough chairs for everyone to sit on, and some pupils have to sit on the mat and wait for their turn.

Teacher Sally Petersen said this was a very difficult situation.

"We are appealing to anyone who is willing to make a donation. It would be a great relief and would help to better education,” she said.

Senior governing body member Charles Williams said the conditions were very uncomfortable for pupils.

"Some children have to bring their own chairs from home to sit on. We appeal to our community to please assist us,” he said.