Municipality carries no torch for businessman Jeeva or his companies

The municipalitie exercises its right of reply

THE article written by Brian Hayward entitled “Municipality mum on dealings with property magnate landlord” (The Herald, October 11) refers. Information both on the Kwantu Towers lease and the automatic meter-reader (AMR) contract has been supplied to The Herald on several occasions, including providing Hayward with files and documentation thereon.

Unfortunately, Hayward writes on the premise that the NMBM’s dealings with Yusuf Jeeva, Africorp and/or Unique Mbane is at worst corrupt and at best untoward/irregular.

Whilst it is not uncommon practice for a journalist to hold an opinion on a specific matter, and therefore write from said opinion, in this case the journalist’s opinion has unfortunately resulted in selective reporting on the facts.

The NMBM carries no torch for Jeeva or any of the companies in which he may have influence and/or equity. The contracts with the two mentioned companies are well-documented and reported. There is no veil of secrecy.

Claims of “revelations” and “discoveries” by Hayward are baseless, as such information was duly given to Hayward by the NMBM more than a month ago.

The NMBM fully understands and supports the principle that the media must be provided with information. However, in this instance it has become nothing more than a fruitless exercise as the opinion of the journalist has negated any objective reporting in this regard.

Roland Williams, director: communications, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality