Mongoose takes refuge on church property

A MONGOOSE has taken sanctuary in a church wall in Port Elizabeth, with people feeding it peanuts and eggs daily.

Central resident Eddie Miller, 64, who lives near the church, said he first heard about the black mongoose about a month ago. He asked that the church not be identified for the animal's safety.

"I did not believe it when I first heard that there was a mongoose in the church wall. I heard from one of the members and two weeks back a woman by the name of Joy, who usually feeds cats in the church yard, confirmed that indeed there was a mongoose in the church wall," he said.

"On Tuesday afternoon when she went to feed it I decided to see for myself. To my surprise, there it was. I just had to capture the moment."

The mongoose was a bit more camera- shy yesterday.

"It is scared of people and it runs away as soon as it sees people. I don't think it is a danger to anyone. I would love to peep in that hole but am scared that it will poke me in my face. Maybe it comes from the Baakens Valley," he said.

Joy could not be contacted yesterday.

Veterinarian Dr Charles Hayward, of the Ninth Avenue Veterinary Clinic, said there were two types of mongoose in Port Elizabeth – brown and black.

"They are more likely to be found in suburbs looking for food and water. They could be dangerous when people try to pick them up," he said.

A Mount Croix Animal Hospital staff member confirmed there were mongooses in Port Elizabeth.

ýGo to The Herald website, see a video of the mongoose.