Dangerous live wire reported in July still not fixed

ALMOST three months after it was reported, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has yet to fix a Gelvan Park street lamp post that was knocked down, exposing a live wire.

The lamp post is in front of the Raphael Crescent home of a frustrated Noel Julius.

Julius said he had been trying to have it fixed since July 6 after it had been struck by a car.

He said he was worried children playing in the area could be badly injured or even killed by the exposed live wire.

"I reported it immediately but absolutely nothing has been done. They [the municipality] are sitting on their backsides doing nothing about the situation. "My sister's three-year-old child got a shock [from the live wire] at the weekend. Children are not conscious of the danger. This is a real danger to the area. This is a death in waiting," he said.

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